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Dmitri Mendeleev

Dmitri Mendeleev was a Russian chemist who greatly impacted the scientific community with his discovery of the periodic law and by successfully organizing the elements into the periodic table. His early life was marked by struggle and tragedy. By the time he was 21, he had lost his father and was suffering from tuberculosis. He buried himself in his scientific studies and went on to become a science professor. As a teacher, he realized that there was no comprehensive and complete textbook for his students. To correct this, he set out to publish a textbook that would provide a better learning experience for Russian students. He utilized his strong academic background, international scientific research and innovative theories to publish over 400 articles and books over his lifetime. Mendeleev, though best known for the periodic table, was also strongly interested in developing and improving Russia’s agricultural and industrial resources. He served as an advisor to the government, and he wrote several projects to develop the coal industry. He traveled throughout the Russian empire and even went to the United States to learn about petroleum. Near the end of his lifetime, he retired from teaching and turned his focus to metrology. In only a few short years, he published his own journal of metrology. His dedication to various disciplines is overshadowed by his enormous scientific discovery of the periodic table of elements

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