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CHEMinar Speaker – Prof. Jamal Musaev

 Date&time: 22 November, at 05:00 PM (Baku time)
Jamal Musaev received his BS&MS degree (Quantum Physics) in 1978 from Azerbaijan State University (Baku State University). He received his PhD degree (Quantum Chem.) from USSR Academy of Sciences in 1985. In 1991 Jamal Musaev was awarded by JSPS junior fellowship and worked at Institute for Molecular Sciences, Okazaki, Japan (1991-1993). In 1993, He moved to the Emory University, Atlanta, USA. Musaev is a Director of the Emerson Center for Scientific Computation, and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry. He is co-founder of the Emory Bioinspired Energy Center, the CCI-NSF Center for Stereoselective C-H Functionalization, and founder of the Emerson Center Lectureship Award promoting multi-disciplinarity in modern science and technology.


1. Theoretical/Computational Studies of:
• Fundamental principles of transition metal-catalyzed nitrogen fixation, hydrocarbon oxidation, alkene/alkyne borylation, olefin polymerization;
• Solar-to-Chemical conversion, Water Oxidation Catalyst, Alternative energy;
• Stereoselective C-H bond functionalization (oxidation, amination, alkylation, etc.)
• Nano-scale materials with unusual physicochemical properties and reactivity.
• Mechanisms of enzymatic processes;
2. Development of Hybrid Computational Methods for interfacial charge transfer in complex systems.


  • IV Humanitarian Form (under aspiration of the United Nation): Panelist: “Education and Science in the Context of Human Capital Development”, 2018, October, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Editorial Board Member, Organometallics, (2015-2018)
  • Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Senior Fellowship, 2013
  • Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council fellow, 2011
  • Visiting Professor: Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palme de Mallorca, Spain, (Oct. 2007)
  • Visiting Professor: The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (2002)
  • Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship (1991-1993)

PUBLICATIONS: 370+ papers, two Books, and six book chapters:

H-Index: 69 (Sixty Eight);

Total number of citations: 16000+;

Lecture delivered: more than 325+ lectures were delivered at the Universities and R&D companies of USA, Japan, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Israel, China, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Azerbaijan.

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